Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of stepping motor drivers

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-17
Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of stepper motor drivers, because the vibration and noise of the stepper motor when operating at a medium speed, the operation around the shock and shock rate is most likely to cause a common shock, the rotation distance of the stepper motor increases and decreases, which limits the application scope of the stepper motor. Stepping Motor, the left and right Characteristics of stepping motor, there are two solutions: 1. Manufacturing a stronger stepping motor, which is essentially a system configuration strategy for decision-making to eliminate the characteristics of public opinion, 2. A stronger controller is arranged. A good controller can avoid many shortcomings of the motor and can obviously improve the characteristics of the stepping motor. Because all the parameters of the motor are determined after it is manufactured, improving the characteristics of the controller is the key to solve the difficulties. What is important in this paper is the defects and difficulties of various controller processes. Guangdong Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, it is a stepping motor manufacturer that integrates the development, manufacture and sale of stepping motor controllers, Servo controllers, stepping motors, stepping motors and servo motors. 1 Control technology of stepping motor controller ① operation power control loop: used to cause the pulse width of Operation power and brake, and the speed of pulse width can control the operation speed of motor. (2) stepping optocoupler circuit: composed of two parts ( A, calculate the number of pulses of motor operation and various conditions of operating motor; B, the thermal efficiency is adjusted out of the integrated operational amplifier, which is used to pull the operation out of various purposes of maintaining motor operation or termination) According to the different composition of these two, they can be divided into the following categories: constant current controller method, high voltage and low voltage controller, self-excited constant alternating current chopper controller, alternating current chopper controller, submersible controller (List of controller technology). (3) stepping motor: stepping driver controller stepping motor maintains the process of converting electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy. 2 Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of drivers of stepping motor, the single current controller of constant current controller means that in the process of winding resistance of motor, only one azimuth current is used to distribute power to winding resistance, several loops replace the current. This method is an older controller method, and now the foundation is stopped. Advantages: the integrated operational amplifier is simple, with few components and easy operation. It is very simple to keep the motor moving. Defects: Be sure to show any large alternating current triode to carry out the knob solution, and the motor running rate is relatively low, the vibration of the motor is relatively large and the hair is hot. Because it has not been applied for a long time, it is rarely described. The high-voltage and low-voltage controller, because the constant current controller has many defects, the deepening of the process transformation, the development of a new high-voltage and low-voltage controller to improve the parts of the constant current controller defects, the mechanism of the high-voltage and low-voltage controller is that the high-voltage operation is applied when the motor runs to the whole step, the bottom-pressure operation is applied when the power runs to half step, and the bottom-pressure operation is applied when the motor ends. Advantages: high-voltage and low-voltage manipulation improves vibration and noise at some levels. The definition of classified manipulation of stepping motors is lifted for the first time, and the working mode of alternating current decreasing at termination is also mentioned together. Defects: the integrated operational amplifier depends on the complexity of the constant current controller. The characteristics of the high voltage of the triode are improved. The motor is still vibrating at a medium speed, and the ironing is still relatively large. Nowadays, most of them do not use this type of controller. Self-excited constant alternating current chopper controller the working principle of self-excited constant current chopper drive is to turn off the current through hardware when the current reaches a certain set value through hardware design, and then turn to another winding for power, when the current energized by the other winding reaches a certain fixed current, it can be turned off by hardware, thus pushing the stepping motor to run repeatedly. Advantages: the noise is greatly reduced, the rotating speed is improved to a certain extent, and the performance is improved to a certain extent compared with the previous two. Disadvantages: the requirements for circuit design are relatively high, the requirements for circuit anti-interference are relatively high, it is easy to cause high frequency, burn out the drive components, and the requirements for component performance are relatively high. Current comparison chopper drive (The main technology used in the city) Current comparison chopper drive converts the winding current value of stepping motor into A certain proportion of voltage, compares it with the preset value output by D/A converter, and compares the results to control the switch of power tube, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling winding phase current. Advantages: the motion control simulates the characteristics of sine wave, greatly improves the performance, the motion speed and noise are relatively small, and relatively high subdivision can be used, which is the current popular control method. Disadvantages: The circuit is relatively complex, the interference in the circuit is difficult to control and the theoretical requirements are consistent, jitter is easy to occur, and the peaks and troughs forming sine waves are controlled, which is easy to cause high frequency interference, this leads to the heating of the driving element or aging due to excessive frequency, which is also the main reason why many drivers are prone to red light protection when used for more than a year. Submersible drive (New technology adopted by shuoke numerical control) TAG stepper motor optical driver
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