An Chuan electric launches a new generation of inverter, easy to start and simple to operate

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-21
At the recent international mechanical automation exhibition held in Germany, Japan's Yaskawa Electric showed the first model of a new generation of frequency converters. The company said that the volume of the inverter is the smallest in the market, and it is easy to start and the operation is very simple. This GA77 driver can be used to control asynchronous, permanent magnet or Synchronous reluctance motors without automatic adjustment. The new control panel has a simplified user interface and provides interactive dialogue-guided startup, which can realize fast drive startup even without professional knowledge. Japan's Yaskawa Electric also provides PC Tools, smartphone App and cloud-based services for parameter management and backup. Compared with the previous initiator, the space occupied by this IP20 protection grade driver can be reduced by 40%, and can be operated side by side without gap. The drive has a built-in EMC filter and a sil3-compliant STO input. (Text/Moon translation)
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