Alpha inverter won the 'shenzhen well-known brand' title

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
Recently, & other; The tenth shenzhen well-known brand award ceremony and ten years high-end brand construction BBS & throughout; Radio and television group in1999 was held in shenzhen. Shenzhen alpha frequency conversion technology co. , LTD as the 10th & other; Shenzhen well-known brands & throughout; One of the winners, was invited to attend the ceremony and awarded prizes. “ Shenzhen well-known brands & throughout; Campaign as a specific organization by shenzhen industrial association, 69 by 25 government departments, industry associations, 9 10 research institutions, professional institutions and the five media group of promoting enterprise branding, the public welfare activities, creating famous brand has been past ten years, has become an indicator of corporate competitiveness. Lin Zongtang, director of the China famous brand strategy to promote committee, counselor of the State Council, China association of entry-exit inspection and quarantine will bill chi rong, vice President of China quality management association, Chinese industrial enterprises, deputy director of the brand competitiveness evaluation Liu Zhuohui, a senior adviser to the United Nations industrial development organization (unido) investment and promote Liang Dan, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Cao Mingxin, city leaders who, in old Hu leadership Li Hao, Guo Rongjun, circumference, Liao Junwen, lee and attend the event. Alpha, deputy general manager Mr XiaoXueDe awarded prizes the event to take & other; Government promote the guidance, enterprise voluntary; Community organizations, specific market public evaluation; Experts on-site checks, widespread social supervision & throughout; Evaluation mechanism, from the beginning of the enterprises to declare, to the production of the evaluation results, the whole process of implementation of open operation. Adhere to the open evaluation, started the consumers to participate in the competition; Adhere to the field evaluation, organization experts into business review; Adhere to the follow-up supervision, a review of three years, not for life. Shows the Chinese characteristics and in the leading position in the international system, fully embodies the principle of fair justice. Alpha declaration & other; Shenzhen well-known brands & throughout; Work since launched on July 23, 2012, by writing a review report, form, content, for evaluation group division of labor, material department guidance, department, inter-departmental coordination, PPT production, self assessment, to overhaul, site assessment, evaluation of public voting, advertising, industry, the brand value evaluation, &appraisal committee meeting, after more than five months in an orderly way of preparation, experience four comprehensive evaluation, finally get the review committee and elected, to attend the awards ceremony this eventually receive MEDALS, lasted ten months, to be able to get this award is not easy. The next page 12>
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