Alpha frequency conversion technology and won the 'high-tech enterprise'

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-13
Recently, shenzhen alpha frequency conversion technology co. , LTD. , again by shenzhen innovation of science and technology committee, the finance committee of shenzhen, shenzhen issued by the state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau of shenzhen joint & other; High and new technology enterprise & throughout; Certificate ( Certificate number: GF201244200533) 。 This is the first elected in 2009, three years to gain recognition again, on behalf of the alpha's capacity for independent innovation and scientific research achievements are fully affirmed. According to the request of the measures for the administration of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises, national hi-tech enterprise confirmation criteria is very strict. In addition to the range of products, research and development organization for enterprise management level, science and technology achievements transformation capacity, sales and total assets growth outside the strict request, also on the number of independent intellectual property rights, science and technology personnel staff ratio, research and development personnel accounted for the worker, the research and development of three consecutive fiscal year of the total cost of sales ratio quantitative indexes such as rigid requirements, and must be approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, administration of taxation jointly decided that focus close review of the regulatory agency to pass. Alpha since the establishment of more than a decade, through the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, with several scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning to establish alliance, with technology as the forerunner of independent innovation, every year will be 10% of sales in the product research and development, has won 15 invention and utility model patents, exterior design, the software copyright 25 items, four software product registration, formed the general frequency converter, industry-specific frequency converter, motor control series rich product line. As one of the ten famous brands in domestic inverter, alpha actively responded to an appeal by the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, close down backward production facilities more quickly to the nation, and make a significant contribution to the adjustment of economic structure. The alpha again & other; High and new technology enterprise & throughout; , is on the company's technology research and development ability, innovation ability, the height of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, management ability, also is the best incentive to the company. Henceforth, alpha will continue to increase investment in scientific research, fosters the talent team to build a new system of technological innovation, promote enterprise's core competitive ability, enrich enterprise innovation development, sustainable development for the enterprise to provide strong technical support, application field technological progress as the core, promote application of industry automation level as our mission, to create human convenient way of life, to strive for a better living environment.
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