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Air Compressor Industry Application Introduction


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1. Brief introduction of air compressor industry application
V&T has extensive experience in air compressor matching and transformation. V5-H frequency converter has been applied to domestic mainstream air compressor manufacturers in batches. The company has designed an integrated energy-saving control cabinet for the inverter transformation of the air compressor industry, making the transformation more convenient and faster, and the overall cost is lower.

◆ Working principle
The variable frequency speed control system takes the output pressure as the control object. The inverter, pressure sensor and motor form a closed-loop constant voltage control system. The working pressure value can be directly set by the operation panel. The field pressure is detected by the sensor and converted into a 4~20mA current signal. Feedback to the inverter, the inverter is compared and calculated by the built-in PID to adjust its output frequency to achieve the purpose of constant pressure air supply and energy saving of the air compressor. Frequency conversion energy saving performance is:

1) The frequency converter adjusts the gas flow rate by adjusting the rotation speed of the motor, so that the output power of the motor is proportional to the flow demand, keeping the high efficiency of the motor, high power factor, small reactive power loss, and obvious power saving effect;

2) Designed according to strict EMS standards, high-speed and low-consumption IGBTs and efficient vector control algorithms minimize harmonic distortion of V&T inverters and motor power loss; 3) Automatic fast sleep makes the dead time shorter. The motor is completely stopped and the energy is saved to the utmost extent. No impact start and low frequency and large torque characteristics ensure that the inverter can start and stop at any time.

◆ Inverter selection
Air compressor (including other compressors) its load characteristics, is a constant torque heavy-duty equipment, the inverter should be selected V5-H series, the motor power is below 75KW, the power of the inverter is selected one-to-one; the motor For equipment with a power of more than 90 kW, when selecting the power of the inverter, it should be one level higher than the motor power.

V&T can also provide V5-J integrated energy-saving control cabinets that support inverter conversion, which is convenient for frequency conversion reconstruction projects. It retains the original interface and facilitates future maintenance and maintenance.

2. The advantages of V&T inverter in the air compressor industry

Efficient power saving returns make you incredible

1. With variable speed control technology, the displacement of the compressor can be perfectly combined with the user's gas consumption, completely avoiding the loss of unloading power.
2. In the state of intermittent gas use, the zero load of the soft start avoids the peak of current and torque, so the unit can start and stop indefinitely. Really achieve 0~100% stepless speed change, maximally control the generation of useless work.
3. Eliminate the pressure burden of 0.2Mpa (addition and unloading pressure difference), so that the unit can directly save energy by 14%, because each working pressure of 0.1Mpa reduces the energy loss by 7%.

The required pressure can be set arbitrarily and the supply pressure is kept constant

1. Meet the user to set the pressure arbitrarily within the range of 0.3~1.4Mpa without changing the gear or belt.

2. The unit will always maintain a constant pressure supply of ±0.1Mpa at the required pressure. When the amount of gas used is large, the pressure remains constant and the rotation speed is automatically compensated to ensure the supply of gas.

3. When the gas volume is small, the pressure remains unchanged and the rotation speed automatically drops to the bottom, which satisfies only enough gas.

Advanced remote control

1. V&T air compressor inverter adopts advanced control, monitoring and communication system. Through the Internet users can easily obtain technical assistance from suppliers in all parts of the country.

More reliable performance

1.Variable frequency soft start avoids electrical shock and avoids mechanical shock.

2. Eliminate the unfavorable factors of long-term high-speed operation of the unit.

3. no contactor, to avoid electrical contact failure.

4. exempt from the high pressure of 0.2Mpa, reducing the probability of system leakage.

Energy saving and environmental protection, equipment works immediately when it is in place

V&T variable frequency air compressor unit is easy to install, low-speed axial flow fan and modern vibration isolation and noise reduction measures make the compressor running with very low noise, so it is easy for users to place on the production site, as long as the equipment is in place and connected quickly. It can be run immediately.

3. The frequency converter application guide
◆ Inverter debugging
P0.03=1 analog feedback process closed-loop control
P0.06=1 terminal control mode
P0.08=6.0 seconds System acceleration time
P0.09=6.0 seconds system deceleration time
P0.14=15.00Hz lower limit frequency 15Hz
P2.02=FECB can see the output voltage, power, current, frequency
P2.03=2222 stop to see the pressure value
P2.04=2, the actual pressure value can be viewed during operation.
P2.05 Pressure actual value and display deviation set correction coefficient
P3.09=0, reverse rotation is allowed, if the inverter output can be set to 0
P5.00=2 is turned on, the output direction of the inverter
P5.01=20, fault reset
P7.02 2, the inverter relay output signal is FDT1
P7.20=20.00Hz FDT1 start frequency point, control loading
P7.21=19.00Hz FDT1 End frequency point, control loading
P8.00=5.5 variable frequency constant pressure closed loop pressure given
P8.03=1.000, P of constant voltage closed loop PID
P8.04=10.00, I of constant voltage closed loop PID
P8.07=0.0, deviation limit of constant voltage closed loop PID 2%
P8.08=00 Prohibit constant voltage closed loop PID adjustment to reverse rotation
P9.01 Set the number of motor poles
P9.03 Setting the rated motor power
P9.04 Set the rated current of the motor
◆ System wiring diagram

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4. Power saving calculation examples
After the transformation of the frequency converter, the electricity cost savings is the most practical. The actual operating speed of the compressor is controlled according to the amount of gas used for production, and the most energy-saving operation state is achieved.
The rated power of a field motor is 132KW, the rated current is 260A, the air compressor is unloaded to the loading and running time for 30 seconds, the current is 160A; the loading to unloading operation time is 10 minutes or 600 seconds. The total time to uninstall to load is 630 seconds

That is, loading and unloading a total of 5.7 times per hour
Unloading a total of 5.7 × 30 seconds per hour = 0.0475 hours
Loading a total of 5.7 × 600 seconds = 0.95 hours per hour
Unloading hourly power is P1=(160/260×132)×0.0475=3.8KW
Loading hourly power is P=132×0.95=125.4KW
That is, the actual hourly power of the motor before the transformation is P3=129.2KW

After switching to the inverter, the actual pressure is controlled at 6 kg. According to the load characteristics of the air compressor, the following data are obtained:
The actual running frequency of the inverter is around F=43HZ
The actual output current of the inverter is at I=223.6A
The actual output voltage of the inverter is U=320V
It is concluded that the power per hour using the frequency converter is
V&T inverter air compressor industry application introduction P change = √ 3 U × I × cosφ
V&T inverter air compressor industry application introduction = √ 3 × 320V × 223.6 × 0.85=105.3389KW

The power saving per hour after using the inverter is:
P section = P3-P change = 132KW-105.3389KW = 23.8KW
Calculated at 20 hours a day and electricity costs 0.7 yuan / kWh,
Daily electricity saving costs = 23.8KW × 20 hours × 0.7 yuan= 333.2 yuan / day
Calculated by 300 days per year, the annual electricity savings is = 333.2 yuan / day × 300 days
=99960 yuan / year

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