Advantages of stepper motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-08
The advantages of stepping motor driver the primary advantages of stepping motor driver after subdivision are: completely eliminating the low frequency vibration of the motor. Low frequency vibration is a stepping motor (Especially hybrid motors) The inherent characteristic of, and subdivision is the only path to eliminate it, if your stepper motor sometimes has to work in the resonance area (Such as walking arc), Picking a subdivision drive is the only pick. The output torque of the motor is improved. Especially for ruite three-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor, its torque ratio is increased by about 30-40%. The resolution of the motor is improved. Because the step angle is reduced and the step uniformity is improved, it is self-evident to improve the resolution of the motor. Related reading: fault causes and solutions of stepping motor driver, structure of stepping motor and related technical TAG stepping motor driver
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