Advantages of Shenzhen Yantian stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
The advantages of Shenzhen Yantian stepping motor are numerous in Shenzhen Yantian. What are the stepping motors worthy of attention in Shenzhen Yantian? Today, let's take a look at Yantian's stepping motor. The following is a brief introduction of Yantian's stepping motor. Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd. is an automatic high-tech enterprise with completely independent research and development capability, since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of industrial automatic motion control series products. Products mainly include: Planetary reducer, stepping motor and driver, motion control system and other automation products. Products rely on' High performance, high cost performance, ultra-low failure rate'It has been widely recognized and praised by customers. First of all, our products are all self-developed, self-produced and self-sold. The control accuracy of the products themselves is very high. For some traditional motors, there is open loop control, that is, the pulse and frequency at the signal input end of the stepping driver can change the speed and rotation angle of the stepping motor, and there is no need to feed back the data. Similarly, the stepping motor cannot rotate in one direction for a long time. If it rotates in one direction and then burns out the product, it can run in a very short time, compared with the servo motor, the servo motor can only be fed back by installing an encoder, and the torque of the servo motor will be higher than that of the stepping age, if the price is higher than the price, and the torque can be reached, we suggest you use the stepping motor and the stepping driver together, and the stepping driver we produce can still have Subdivision function, it can turn out a small step angle, which will be more accurate in control, so our motor is suitable for application. a. Your cost is controlled and the price should not be too expensive. B. Stepping motor with output power less than 1KW. c. The stepping motor with suitable size can replace movement and position movement. d. The torque will decrease with the rotation speed of the motor, but the speed can reach 3500RPM and it can be smaller. e. For multi-axis mechanical applications, the motion shaft system can completely adopt stepping motors and be used reasonably. f. Stepping motors have no feedback equipment, but the system reliability is greatly increased. g. At the same time, there is no jitter when the accuracy is relatively high. Under the condition of displacement, the load will have small speed fluctuation. Related reading: Advantages of Longgang stepping motor, advantages of Shenzhen Nanshan stepping motor TAG Shenzhen Yantian stepping motor
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