Advantages of deceleration stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
The advantages of deceleration stepping motor, we all know that stepping motor is an essential component in normal engineering and production and life, however, in the past, only acceleration motors and off-speed motors were widely used. Also, as a new product, the deceleration stepping motor has not been paid much attention all the time. The deceleration motor has an effect that can replace other motors, but because the design is relatively novel and it also involves the problem of upgrading, therefore, it has not been recognized very much, but this phenomenon has obviously changed a lot in the past two years. At the same time, the geared motor mainly refers to the integrated body of the speed reducer and the motor, which can also be called Gear Motor in general, or horizontal gear reducers are usually supplied in complete sets after being integrated and assembled by professional reducer manufacturers, and reduction motors are widely used in steel industry, machinery industry and so on, the advantages of adopting geared motors are simplifying design, saving space and so on. After the Second World War, the rapid development of military electronic equipment developed rapidly in the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries, micro geared motors, the development and production of DC geared motors have begun. In the current World Micro geared motor and DC geared motor market, the technologies of China, France, artists, Britain, Germany, South Korea and other countries are ahead of the world level, most of China's micro Geared Motors and DC geared motor industry was founded in 1950s, and it started from the beginning to meet the needs of weapons and equipment, after going through imitation, self-design and then large-scale manufacturing after research and development, now it has formed a complete and international system for product development, large-scale production, key parts, key materials, special manufacturing equipment, testing instruments, etc. to continuously improve the industry. More stepping drivers, stepping motors, brushless motors and brushless drives are welcome to visit the official website of Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd for consultation. TAG deceleration stepping motor
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