ABB technology to change the world: inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-22
There are few devices that are so important to industrial production like motors, and few devices that convert such a large amount of energy like motors. In fact, about 2/3 of all the electric energy generated in the world is finally converted into mechanical energy by the motor. Most motors are used to drive fans, pumps and compressors. Whether necessary or not, most of these devices always operate at a constant speed, using dampers or valves to control the flow of liquid or gas. Therefore, they unnecessarily waste a lot of energy and emit a lot of carbon dioxide. Inverter can help industrial and mining enterprises reduce a lot of energy consumption, but ABB's inverter has changed all this. ABB's inverter was introduced in 1969, which can control the main parameters of the motor and accurately adjust the speed and torque of the motor according to actual needs. ABB inverter adopts ABB revolutionary'Direct torque control (DTC)' Technology, can calculate the state of the motor at extremely high speed. In this way, it can accurately control the motor and quickly respond to sudden changes in process and load. Using the above Technology, ABB inverter can greatly reduce energy consumption-- Generally, the energy consumption of pumps, fans and compressors can be reduced by half, and the process control can be significantly improved. ABB inverter, only in 2008, the installed and used ABB low-voltage Inverter saved a total of about 1,700 kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to meet the annual electricity demand of 4,200 households in the EU. In addition, they have been reduced by about 1. 0. 4 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the total emissions of 3,500 vehicles a year. 12 Next Page>
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