A new government policy pushed high voltage inverter market

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
Frequency converter is a strong cycle industry, closely related to national economic cycle. In 2013, world and domestic economy is still in an adjustment period economic structure reform does not reach the designated position and demand growth is no fundamental change, the influence of the financial crisis has a long-term trend. At the same time, the new trends of the global industrial structure adjustment, refocus on manufacturing, developed countries represented by the Internet, new energy of the third industrial revolution is on the rise. In China is given priority to with steady growth, structural adjustment, improve the efficiency of the macro-control policies of emphasis to deepen reform and structural adjustment, economic operation overall flat, showing a & quot; Drop in stabilizing & quot; , the trend of the economic environment is more complex, both economic growth impetus, also has a downward pressure. Under the impetus of the traditional industry in the national policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction, energy-intensive companies increasingly focus on comprehensive energy saving service, energy-saving, environmental protection is still the fastest growing market. Pushing a new government policy, pv has been reversed, wind power in turn. Photovoltaic pv: years has introduced a series of specific subsidies rules, in the western focus on ground station model, a new promotion of distributed photovoltaic mode, double scale of solar energy application directly, new power in 2013 is expected to reach 12 gw, policy planning size reach 35 gw in 2015, annual mean 2014/15 is expected to reach more than 10 gw, the downstream enterprises enter the demand rapid growth; Wind: years has passed the ways to solve the problem of wind power grid and send out, to effectively reduce the wind rate; Actively develop 'about promoting the healthy development certain opinions' wind power industry and the measures for renewable energy quota management and is expected to be adopted in 2014. National wind power utilization hours next year is expected to continue to rise, increase wind farm investment intentions, indirectly driven by wind power machine manufacturers. Although the overall policy of energy saving and high-end equipment upgrades and market trend remains the same, but as a result of macroeconomic recovery weaker than expected, coal, steel, cement and other facing the boom of industry cycle adjustment and production capacity, development of transformation, such as pressure, capital input to the new equipment procurement and technical renovation, the demand for the inverter also will be delay. From some of the listed company, according to information released was mixed high voltage frequency converter manufacturers, guangzhou wisdom light is expected to 2013 full year of double-digit growth; The British witten half annals of inverter products increased by 9. 27%; The kang inverter in the first three quarters of the order clearly weakening, high voltage inverter performance fell by nearly 20%. Overall, in 2013 China's high voltage inverter market gradually warming, chugging along.
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