90W reversible stepper motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-27
90W reversible stepping motor the two-phase, three-phase and five-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor of ruite motor is made of high temperature resistant permanent magnet and high-quality cold rolled steel sheet. The product specifications cover 20mm-- 150, with low noise, low vibration, low heat, high reliability and stability. Stepping motors have been recognized and adopted by major automation manufacturers due to their own advantages and other characteristics. With the application range and frequency of stepping motors getting higher and higher, enterprises will generally find the phenomena of step loss, locked rotation and inaccurate positioning of stepping motors in the debugging process. Don't worry about such phenomena, you must calmly analyze the cause of the problem to solve the problem. For this kind of problem, handebao motor Xiaobian provides a perfect solution for everyone. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the causes of step loss, locked rotation and inaccurate positioning of stepping motors. Handbao motor has summarized the following seven possible causes for everyone. 1. When the direction is changed, the pulse is lost, which is shown to be accurate in any direction, but the deviation is accumulated when the direction is changed, and the more times, the more the deviation; 2, the initial speed is too high, the acceleration is too large, causing sometimes lost step; 3, in the case of using synchronous belt software compensation too much or too little; 4, the motor power is not enough; 5. Misoperation caused by interference of the controller; 6. The driver is caused by interference; 7. Software defects; According to the analysis of the above problems, we can solve them in the following ways: 1) Problem Analysis: General stepper motor drivers have certain requirements for the opposite direction and pulse signals, such as: the direction signal is on the rising or falling edge of the first pulse (Different drives have different requirements) A few microseconds before arrival is determined. If no, there will be a pulse running at an angle opposite to the actual required steering. Finally, the fault phenomenon will show that the more it goes, the smaller the subdivision, the more obvious it will be. Solution: Use software to change the logic of the pulse or add delay. 2) Problem Analysis: due to the characteristics of stepping motor, the initial speed cannot be too high, especially when the load inertia is large. Solution: it is suggested that the initial speed should be below 1r/s, so that the impact is small, and the same acceleration is too large, which will cause great impact on the system and easily overshoot, resulting in inaccurate positioning; There should be a certain pause time between the forward rotation and reverse rotation of the motor. If not, overshoot will be caused by too high reverse acceleration. 3) Problem Analysis: Because the synchronous belt has large elastic deformation, certain compensation should be added when changing direction. Solution: adjust the compensated parameter value according to the actual situation. 4) Appropriately increase the motor current and increase the driver voltage (Pay attention to the optional Drive)Choose a motor with a larger torque. 5) Problem analysis: the interference of the system causes the misoperation of the controller or the driver. Solution: We can only find ways to find the interference source and reduce its interference capability (Such as shielding, increasing the interval distance, etc) , Cut off the transmission route and improve its anti-interference ability. Common measures: ① replace common wires with double-stripe shielded wires, and the signal wires in the system are wired separately from wires with large current or large voltage changes, reduce electromagnetic interference capability. (2) filter out the interference waves from the power grid with a power filter, and add a power filter to the input terminals of major power-using equipment under conditions to reduce the interference between various equipment in the system. (3) it is better to use photoelectric isolation devices for signal transmission between equipment. Under the condition of permission, pulse and direction signals are better to use differential method and photoelectric isolation for signal transmission. In the inductive load (Such as electromagnetic relay, solenoid valve) The resistance-capacitance absorption or fast discharge circuit is added at both ends, and the inductive load can generate 10 ~ at the beginning ~ 100 times the peak voltage, if the operating frequency is above 20 KHZ. 6) The software does some fault tolerance to eliminate the impact of interference. Handbao Hybrid Stepping Motor series has the characteristics of large output torque, low temperature rise, low noise and low vibration, and high reliability and stability. The motor runs smoothly without obvious oscillation zone, which can meet the use of different working conditions in the automation industry. At present, it has been widely used in engraving machines, laser machines, numerical control machine tools, textile and garment machinery, medical equipment, measuring equipment, electronic processing equipment, packaging machinery and other automation equipment and instruments. In order to obtain more professional knowledge about stepping motors, stepping motor drivers and closed-loop stepping motors, pay attention to relevant reading on ruite electromechanical website: Advantages and disadvantages of various stepping motors, motor manufacturers: what elements should be considered in the selection of stepping motor?
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