57 stepper motor with 57 stepper driver did not achieve the expected effect

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-15
The reason why the 57 stepping motor does not achieve the expected effect after being matched with the 57 stepping driver is that the 57 stepping motor is the most commonly used stepping motor model. In order to obtain the best use effect of the stepping motor, it needs to be matched with a 57 step driver whose characteristics match the motor. SS2301A42A, MD- 2545, SR4, etc. are good choices. However, after selecting the stepping driver, there may not be the good effect you expected. Generally speaking, the reasons are as follows: 1. Driver voltage: the highest application voltage of the common 57 stepper motor driver is about 50VDC. When the lower 24V is selected, the high-speed effect is not as good as 48 V. 2. Selection of current: not the larger the current, the better, but under the condition of ensuring torque, try to select small current to reduce noise and vibration. 3. If the voltage is normal and the selection of current subdivision is no problem, but the effect is not ideal, then it is necessary to check whether the parameters of the 57 stepping motor are reasonable: Under normal circumstances, A high and low speed 57 stepper motor, depending on its length, the resistance value should be from 0. About 4 euros to 1 euro, it should not be too big. If the resistance and inductance of the motor are too large, its high-speed performance has nothing to do with the choice of 57-step driver. Generally speaking, the high-speed characteristics of such motors are not too good. Therefore, the resistance and inductance of the Motor are also very important factors. 4. Select a reasonable fine fraction while taking into account the capability and limitation of the pulse transmission frequency of the upper computer. TAG 57 stepper motor 57 stepper driver
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