3D printing: Siemens's important future development strategy to acquire MS85 % Shares

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-25
In February 2016, Siemens spent 2140 euros to build its first metal 3D printing factory in Sweden. After HP officially launched its multi-jet melting 3d printer more than a month ago, they bought it again in the first place. Therefore, Siemens has regarded 3D printing as an important force in its future development strategy. Siemens once again invested heavily in 3D printing in August. By buying 85% of the shares, the company completed the purchase of Materials Solutions (MS)The acquisition. The remaining 15% will continue to be held by Carl Brancher, founder of the company. In addition, Siemens provided strategic investment to MS through its venture capital company SVC as early as August 2015. Established in 2006 in Worcester, UK, MS is a professional manufacturer of 3D printing industrial components, it mainly produces nickel-based alloy components for subgrade and aero-engine gas turbine, special steel, and titanium metal components for aviation systems and Automobile Sports. Siemens invested in MS in 2015. Willi Meixner, chief executive officer of Siemens energy and gas, said that the acquisition of MS would enable them to acquire the world's top-level 3D printing high-temperature superalloy technology, this will definitely further improve their strength in 3D printing, thus helping them to take the initiative in the future 3D printing market.
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