3. 15 'Fire Eyes': how to distinguish 5 categories of industrial control fakes?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-25
The annual 3. The International Consumer Rights Day is coming again. According to the conventional routine, there will be a party without singing and dancing every year, but this party has a thrilling 'joke'. The audience hold melon seeds in their hands to those Adulterated cosmetics. and the black-hearted take-out Balabala chattering @ # ¥ %. . . & Then there are usually some 'informal' big bosses who are afraid that the board will hit their ass 100,000 of the urgent public relations can't save themselves. In fact, the industrial control circle is not the case. As small as a switch, as large as a device, buying fake goods is not only inconvenient for your own use process, but also more serious damage to your life ~ For example: for example: another example. . . For 3. 15, everyone is adhering to the happy and sad attitude, happy is: some fake and shoddy products were exposed on this day (At least know a little bit of the truth). The sad thing is: why can't manufacturers pay attention to the rights and interests of consumers every day, so that every day becomes 3. 15. 123 Next page>
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