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2019 (8th) Vietnam Paper Industry Exhibition


On June 28, 2019, the 2019 Vietnam Paper Exhibition (Paper Vietnam 2019), co-sponsored by China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. (CNCIC) and Vietnam VEAS, successfully concluded at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) in Vietnam, which is the only professional paper industry exhibition in Vietnam at present. The exhibition was strongly supported by stock preparation and paper associations from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, etc. successfully attracted many professionals and technicians from many countries and regions to visit and conduct in-depth technical exchanges.


V&T (stock code 300484) and its holding subsidiary Blue Sea Yong Chen actively responded to “the Belt and Road Initiative” to actively expanding emerging markets and participate in the 2019 Vietnam Paper Exhibition (Paper Vietnam 2019), demonstrating powerful drive control technology and complete paper industry system integration technology.

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We have mastered the vector control technology and torque control technology of motor, we have various product series such as VTS series, V9 series, V6 series, V5 series, E5 series, electric vehicle controllers, etc. The product voltage level covers 200V, 400V, 690V, 1140V, the product power ranges from 0.4kW to 3000kW, to meet the application requirement of high, medium and low-end markets. And we designed the product to improve its reliability and environmental applicability to improve product performance and reliability for application environment requirements of various industries.


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After many years of hard work in the Paper Making industry, we have mastered all the techniques of paper-making machinery. We can provide overall solution, optimization, upgrade solution about paper machine system, stock preparation, wastes treatment system. We are also supplier of whiteboard paper machine, corrugated paper machine, single fourdrinier wire core-board paper machine, special paper machine and paper making chemicals. We can provide paper machine Turn Key" project.


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In this exhibition, V&T shows excellent technology, we got a lot of customer visits and technical exchanges, and won the customers’ high recognition and intention for further cooperation. 

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