2015 yingweiteng iDAY series seminar (Dongying station)Successfully Held

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-29
On March 10, 2015, it was jointly organized by Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co. , Ltd. and Tonghai Tianlan company' 2015 yingweiteng iDAY series petroleum industry seminar Dongying station was successfully held in Dongying. This meeting specially invited more than 100 people from dozens of new and old customers in the oil industry in Dongying area. This seminar is intended to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the company and new and old customers in the oil industry in Dongying area, at zero distance, the customer representatives were shown the introduction of yingweiteng low voltage products, the introduction of yingweiteng Goodrive800 products, the introduction of UPS products and UPS applications in the industry and case sharing, the introduction of yingweiteng high voltage products, the introduction of yingweiteng PLC products and application and application of yingweiteng products in petroleum machinery industry. The atmosphere of the seminar was lively and interactive. Customers showed great interest in the products. In the process of explanation, customers raised questions from time to time, product managers and technical experts also make detailed analysis and accurate answers to the questions raised by customers respectively. This seminar not only comprehensively and vividly demonstrated the excellent application ability of yingweiteng products to promote the industry, but also enabled users to have a deeper understanding of yingweiteng products and industry solutions, it improves the trust of the brand of yingweiteng, and at the same time, it also builds a two-way interactive communication platform with users to experience the changes brought by the advanced products and advanced technologies of yingweiteng at close range, the guests expressed their approval and reached a preliminary understanding, hoping to achieve mutual benefit and win-win through cooperation, open up a broader market and promote the development of the enterprise itself. Yingweiteng iDAY series seminar is an activity brand that was launched in 2013 under the unified brand strategy of yingweiteng, which means INVTDAY (The day of yingweiteng) , Yingweiteng group and all its subsidiaries will adopt the activity brand iDAY in all marketing activities. From 2015, the series of yingweiteng iDAY seminars will last for the whole year, covering dozens of industries such as textile, rubber and plastics, metallurgy and coal, and will be held in major cities in China. We hope that customers can learn about yingweiteng through more iDAY seminars, and yingweiteng will certainly tailor more products and solutions to meet their needs. Let's wait and see. For more information about yingweiteng iDAY seminar or online registration, please pay attention to yingweiteng's official website, yingweiteng's official microblog and yingweiteng's WeChat public number (invt-crop)Information.
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