2015 transformer industry present situation and prospect analysis

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-09
A transformer as the main power grid transmission process in electric power equipment, is one of the most common components of electrical equipment field. In transformer industry, the market is growing rapidly in our country, has now become the second largest international market, from the point of the current market conditions, in the smart grid construction, uhv grid construction and transformation, the development of power industry, the transformer market in China has been fully activated, and in the next few years will usher in rapid development in the new period. Here are 2015 transformer industry present situation and prospect analysis: the power transformer as the necessary transmission and distribution equipment, power generation industry demand is closely related to the power grid investment scale. 2015 transformer industry industry layout analysis, though, we are delighted to see that the transformer industry with the advancement of national power grid construction, will get broad space for development, but we must also look at some problems existing in current industry: 1. Large scale of industry, small and medium-sized enterprises in the majority. At present, our country has qualification in producing different kinds of transformer is about more than 2000, and only more than 130 gross industrial output value of more than 100 million yuan, more than 2000 employees are only 20 or so. According to the industrial production, small and medium sized transformer manufacturing enterprises accounted for more than 80% of the total. 2. Industry concentration degree is low, the overall technical level is not high. Transformer market capacity is bigger, but due to the low technical barriers, numerous manufacturers, and enterprise scale small, lead to industry concentration degree is low. More transformer industry the latest relevant information, please refer to the report hall of the 2015 - In 2020 China intelligent transformer industry development prospects and development strategy research report. Level at present, our country has the ability to produce 500 kv transformer of no more than 10 enterprises, only change especially electrician in shenyang transformer factory, change especially electrician hengyang transformer factory, xd group xi 'an transformer factory, baoding tianwei change electric co. , LTD. , changzhou Toshiba transformer co. , LTD. , chongqing ABB transformer co. , LTD. , Shanghai alstom transformer co. , LTD. , and other enterprises, more than half of them are sino-foreign joint venture or a sino-foreign cooperative enterprises, its own independent production technical level there are certain gaps when compared with advanced countries, the overall technical level needs to be improved; And domestic level can produce 220 kv transformer of not more than 30 enterprises; Level can produce 110 kv transformer is only more than 100 enterprises; Annual output of more than 10000 sets of Hispanic transformer enterprises, only the value change, shen, change, such as green wave, huapeng Qingdao a few manufacturers; Most of the enterprises ( Accounted for the total number of 6 ~ 7) Low voltage and medium voltage transformer products. 3. Some industries with excess capacity, resulting in market competition. Part of the low end of the transformer, due to the low threshold, overcapacity situation emerged in recent years. Within the industry overcapacity interspersed among enterprises fight for market and heavy discounting, appear even counterfeit and shoddy, to old filling the new phenomenon, caused the market competition. It is understood that the market had been using the dismantling of old transformer production scrap materials? New? These false and inferior product, the condition of the transformer, there is a serious security hidden danger. Disorderly competition in the market not only destroys the market economic order, but also seriously affected the healthy development of the industry. 4. Raw material price fluctuations is bigger, industry development. As is known to all, the main raw material for the silicon steel sheet transformer production, copper, transformer oil, etc, these raw material prices continue to surge in recent years, leading to the product cost. On products sold by the regulation, not under the condition of reasonable prices, enterprise's survival and the development of the industry will be a serious threat. The next page > 123
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