110 series three-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-29
110 series three-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor ruite electromechanical 110 series three-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor has the characteristics of high precision, low noise, stable operation, reliable performance, low starting frequency, high speed torque, etc. Two-phase stepping motors are mostly used in simple occasions, while five-phase stepping motors can provide better stability and accuracy, low noise and high torque, but the cost of motors and drivers increases a lot. MOTEC three-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor adopts a series of innovative technologies in increasing the number of poles, improving the tooth shape, its arrangement, increasing the rotor diameter, reducing the air gap and other aspects, and cooperates with the driving technology based on servo principle, it can completely replace the five-phase stepping motor and greatly reduce the cost. Ruite electromechanical can also customize special specifications of motors according to user requirements, such as low temperature motors and motors with specific flange length. Step precision + 5% (Whole step, no load)Temperature rise 80 °CMax ambient temperature-10 °C--50 ° C Insulation Resistance 100 MΩmin. 500VDC withstand voltage 500VAC for one minute radial runout 0. 06 Max. (450g-load)Axial runout 0. 08 max. (450g-load) Ruite is a famous stepping motor manufacturer. Its products have been widely used in engraving machines, laser machines, numerical control machine tools, medical equipment, electronic processing equipment, textile and garment machinery and other automation equipment. It has the characteristics of large operating torque, small temperature rise, high reliability, good internal damping characteristics, no obvious oscillation zone, and stable operation. Related reading: 57 advantages and application fields of two-phase stepping motor and stepping motor drive servo motor TAG three-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor
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