1 inovance technology. The funds raised 100 million yuan purchase and flux

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
Following the previous buy nanjing farce after, deep into the industrial vision system inovance technology continue to speed up the pace of mergers and acquisitions. Company announcement late on September 10, to use of the funds raised in excess of the 1. $100 million acquisition of ningbo and tong technology co. , LTD. 40% stake, became the first big shareholder and flux, and through the on board seats arrangement form and flux of the actual control status. After the completion of the acquisition, and will be incorporated into the company consolidated scope. According to introducing, and registered capital of 32 million yuan, focusing on the injection molding machine computer controller products research and development, production and sales, and customers in system integration for the injection molding machine industry computer controller, servo drives, electrical and hydraulic oil pump, etc. At present, the company and has formed in the product level and general strategic cooperative relations, and pass on its system solutions used in the servo drive main products for the company. And performance is not inferior, in 2012 the company business income is 9316. 920000 yuan, net profit of 1468. 420000 yuan. 1-2013 Revenue in June 6871. 650000 yuan, net profit of 1240. 390000 yuan. Commitment over the next three years (and its shareholders 2014 - 2016) Net profit will remain more than 20% of the average annual growth rate, thus, inovance technology is also 138 is presented. The takeover premium of 9%. Inovance technology, said the acquisition will help expand the market share, injection molding machine industry driven servo drives, motors, and other products sales; To obtain controller technology, perfect the industry chain, and is expected to enter more & other Control system & throughout; Field. It is important to note that inovance technology shares in April this year so far has increase more than 70%, at the last announced the acquisition of nanjing farce after, the pursuit company's share price performance is more active, also attracted much attention of the market. Analysts believe that due to the downstream industry booming, inovance technology in the first half of the revenue and profit growth are exceed market expectations, the future platform products and new business volume will push the company into a new round of growth; Inovance technology, meanwhile, have a lot of super funds raised, this is the advantage of the company, and to obtain promising core technology give priority to the merger is expected to bring to the company development by leaps and bounds.
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